TV Cabinet designed by Inês Osório 2020

Projected and created by measure for this living area, CAP Tv Cabinet assemble the specific design to the usefulness of a piece of furniture, where we can gather identity without imposing too much on the environment. it was mainly taken into account the fact that the piece will be implanted in a wall that is located between doors and therefore it's a passage area, which made me decide to avoid the presence of pronounced corners, creating some cuts in those lateral areas, from which it was defined aesthetically the entire capsule silhouette of the cabinet.
CAP intends to think about all needs related to a TV Unit in which we can also integrate storage for some items. Beyond the side doors, in the central area was created a frontal glass drawer to receive all digital equipment that works directly with a remote control. Despite the profile of pure and geometric lines, CAP offers the mix of function and design in a low
piece that stands out for the original silluet and luxury finishes in broze glass and walnut leaf.

Interior Design & Furniture Design by inês osório
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