CHRISTAL Cupboard with structure in solid wood, brass finishing in the lower ring. Glass panels in front, sides and back. Interior shelves in marble. Some finishes and general dimensions can be customized.
is a delicate cupboard to storage crockery or glassware. Designed to be visually light and "translucent", it can be placed as a divider in a middle open space, since it was considered to be appreciated in all dimensions and perspectives. The marble shelves and the structure in wood can be customized either in color or type. The marble, contrasting with the delicacy of glass, provides the perfect base for several items. With a brass finish on the frieze and handles, CHRISTAL is defined in the collection with its characteristic angular silhouette, with a front detailed that, through the cutouts, affirm a dynamic that reveal an assymetric volume like a crystal, which gives a peculiar presence.
design by Inês Osório for MamoaDesign Collection 2018 
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